'Roadkill' the Game
Interactive Experience
Project Brief
For this project, delve into a topic you're passionate about and create an interactive experience that engages and informs. Your task is to design, develop, and present a prototype that captures the essence of your chosen subject through interactive media. Be ready to document your process and share the story behind your creation, from the initial idea to the final presentation. Let's see where your creativity and passion lead you!
My goal with 'Roadkill' was to build an arcade game that doubles as a wake-up call on road safety. It had to be fun, but also drive home the message about the dangers of poor road infrastructure, hoping to ignite a spark for change in those who play it.
Sole Designer
Interactive Experience
Jan 9, 2023
May 10, 2023
Step up to 'Roadkill', a handcrafted arcade game with a twist. It's more than high scores—this game projects the hard truths about road safety, making every play a step toward awareness.

Roadkill is an interactive arcade machine game to bring awareness to road dangers in the US.

It's a auditory and sensory video game thats projection mapped for an animated texture.

Premise: Road’s Kill

Cars are sorta cool, but the infrastructure to support them sucks. That’s especially true in America.

More importantly, they’re dangerous, not only to the drivers, but to the rest of us, who live, walk, drive, run, and do everything alongside or on a road. They’re a risk that’s become all too normal in America, and it’s rooted in our history.

Taking a quick look back at history, we also find that these same roads and highways were built to segregate minorities within the city. They were built with racist intentions and it’s still felt to this day. Many online sources such as Segregation By Design, Streetsblog, and papers such as The social ideology of the motorcar by André Gorz speak to this same idea.

It’s becoming a well-known fact that cars have become a great harm than a benefit to our society. They choke us out of our downtowns, they bleed us financially, and they pollute our homes.

More importantly, they kill us. They harm us, run us over, hit cyclists, and impeded our space. It’s becoming less and less safe to be outside our homes without a car. The road has become a new predator. Road’s Kill.

Communication Goal

Road’s Kill. Not only do they bleed us financially, segregate us, and pollute their surroundings, they are simply deadly.

High Fidelity Prototypes

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