The 'No Matter Where' Campaign
Marketing Campaign
Project Brief
Create a full-spectrum campaign that educates potential first-time homebuyers about the homebuying process and why working with a broker is the best option.
Mortgage brokers are based on saving money and being local, and it’s why UWM is dominating the mortgage market. I decided that Gen Z needed to know that if they were to head to (FAMB), they could benefit from working with a local expert.
Sole Designer

Mary Kay Kohrman and Janice Faucher
Creative Direction, Mentoring

Chris Cannon
Copywriting and Ideation

Marketing Campaign
May 15, 2023
Aug 5, 2023
The GenZ demographic is entering the housing market. With new needs, different outlooks, and a new challenge, had to reinvent and remarket itself. UWM entrusted me to develop a campaign with these goals in mind.

Target Messages

FAMB pairs you with a local pro

Working with a mortgage broker is the easiest way to get a home

A mortgage broker will save you $9,407 on average*

*2021 HMDA, compiled by AIME and NDP Analytics. Comparisons based on conventional conforming 30-year fixed loans for debt-to-income ratio 41-45% between top 10 wholesalers and top 10 non-bank retailers; low income defined as less than $52,200; interest savings assumes full term of loan.


The benefits of working with a mortgage broker rather than going to a retail lender are many. One that I wanted to primarily focus on is the fact that when you work with a broker, you’re working with someone local.

Potential borrowers are not working with a company across the country, headquartered in a state they’ve never been. To highlight that, I want the visual design to reflect the locations in which borrowers may see the content, and more importantly, I wanted the copy to support that.

I worked with Chris Cannon, a copywriter at UWM, to develop convincing copy that worked to reflect my key targets with a focus on locality.

The copy and visual was split up into two groups: local and national. Local assets would reflect landmarks and aim to relate to residents. National assets would focus on locality, but aim to be flexible and be used anywhere.


A video was created to be the hightlight of the campaign. With a national reach, the script and visual message has a strong focus on locality, aiming to inspire viewers to head to FAMB to start the homebuying process.

Having it be only 22 seconds, paired with a upbeat music and voice over, it creates an engaging but to the point message, perfect for first time homebuyers.

Vertical Social Video Post

The first and primary assets designed were vertical animated social posts.

These posts were designed with our primary audience in mind. First-time homebuyers were found to be primarily young millennial or Gen-Z, so I decided to take FAMB in a new direction and create content that was more fitting for a youthful audience. The content is now short form, getting to the message in under 5 seconds.

Square Social Post

These square posts are a series that were designed with a national approach in mind.

Both square and vertical posts were designed in order to bring more dimension to the campaign. Content has to be flexible, taking inspiration from web design, in which it can fit in any size or any screen.

The square posts would likely be best suited for posts on Instagram and LinkedIn and also take advantage of the carousel feature of being able to swipe through multiple photos per post.


The billboards were designed to bring FAMB to a new, local level. They’ll help expand FAMB beyond the digital realm and make it more personable to cities and commuters.

These would be most effective in urban areas and have lots of potential to bring positive attention locally to target areas.

Stickers / Gifs

These stickers would be useful as a way for FAMB to spread it’s message on the wall. Useful for conferences and goody bags, GIF versions of these stickers would also be available to the social team to animate posts and energize content in a short manner.


The postcards are meant to exist as a physical print of the campaign. They play within the idea of tourist shops, and can easily be customized for any locality.

Using the postcard as a unique medium will help FAMB stand out beyond just being another mail ad.

Works in Line with goals

1. Drive 137,500 searches (10% increase from 2022)

2. Publish new First Buying Home Buyer-centric content (blog/social posts)

With a strong call to action, this campaign would focus on bringing a new audience to search for LOs and help fulfill a
10% increase.

The campaign is designed to target younger audiences that would likely be first-time homebuyers through short form content and a
motion-centric approach.

Design Process

Previous iterations of other ideas.

The first idea was about “overcoming the financial mountain” at FAMB

The second idea was a playful, humorous idea that played on generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how AI won’t be able to replace a mortgage broker, so it’s best to start at FAMB.

Ironically, a fellow colleague actually began researching AI integration within FAMB, so this idea was dropped early on.

Finally, the third idea is the initial iteration of the final campaign direction.

The following pages feature some of the initial research and visual ideation for my three first suggestions for the campaign


Mary Kay
Creative Direction, Mentoring

Creative Direction, Mentoring

Copywriting and Ideation

Project Planning & Coordination

Voiceover Talent

Audio Production

FAMB / Channel Growth Team
Feedback and Guidance

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