The Hotwheels Collection Website
Web Design
Project Brief
Documenting and representing real-world objects on screen or in digital environments changes the way we experience those objects. Objects become virtual and flattened. The context shifts, thus shifting the meaning. Additionally, the content presented to the user can shift and respond to the environment. Hierarchies can change, content can be revealed or hidden and layouts can shape and adapt to the environment: desktop, tablet, mobile, smartwatch, wearable, VR headset, etc.
This project explored how object data adapts to mobile and desktop screens and the designer & developer's role in the user experience. We submitted a Figma prototype with Desktop and Mobile designs of a 20-object collection.
Sole Designer
Web Design
Feb 9, 2022
Mar 30, 2022
Collections and content can be the root of a strong website, so tackling adaptive and responsive web design that's meant to fit varying content is important. This project about my personal hot wheel collection tackled that.

The challenge behind this project was that it was our first introduction to content generated pages. Because of so, each page is made to not only fit the car it features, but any car I wish to place.

This lead to lots of careful planning and careful considerations as to how I want the photos and patterns to fill, as well as the type.

Creating a mobile version of this webpage was also a first for me, and lead to a great introductory version of designing for a smaller size. Accessibility considerations had to be made, and once again tested our ability for the content to generate the page.

Unique Page

Each car had a unique horizontally designed page based on pattern, composition and type.


Each Car had to be photographed in multiple angles to highlight the shape, pattern, and form.

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