'Experimental Jetset' Takeaway
poster, booklet, medium and small cards
Project Brief
Craft a cohesive design set that enlightens audiences on a selected designer or collective, leveraging print and dynamic mediums. Delve into their influential works and underscore the enduring factors that keep their legacy alive and esteemed in contemporary study.
My goal was to distill the essence of Experimental Jetset into a portable, multi-modal design set, shining a light on their enduring influence and why their work remains pivotal in the annals of design.
Sole Designer
poster, booklet, medium and small cards
Mar 9, 2022
May 6, 2022
In the realm of design, Experimental Jetset holds a distinct place. This project is my curated showcase of their influential works and their enduring relevance.

Who is Expiremental Jetset?

Experimental Jetset is a Dutch graphic design studio that has always stood out to me for their unique approach to design. They blend modernism with contemporary culture, creating works that are both striking and deeply thoughtful. Their emphasis on typography and minimalist aesthetics resonates with me, making them a key influence in my own design journey.

One of the primary challenges of this project was managing the variety of print formats – from books to posters to cards – and ensuring they seamlessly fit within a single bind. It was no easy feat to maintain text alignment across different items while upholding a consistent visual theme. Yet, this complexity pushed me to innovate and deepened my appreciation for the intricacies of multi-modal design.

Putting this project together was a real journey into the heart of what makes Experimental Jetset so special. The posters were my starting point – big, bold displays of their standout designs, each paired with some analysis and a sprinkle of history to give them context. But the real meat of the story is in the book and cards.

Here, I dug deeper, pulling out details about their roots, their approach to design, and the foundational ideas that drive their work. It's not just about showcasing the finished products; it's about understanding the thought and process behind them. Think of it as a guided tour through Experimental Jetset's design landscape: from the headline acts right down to the hidden gems.

The Posters
The Book
Medium Folds
Small Cards



While mainly a design project, half of it had to spent researching to truly understand who and what I'm designing for.

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