Big Brother
Poster Pair
Project Brief
Make two complementary posters that communicate your concept statement, using typography from your projected light or scanned experiments.
My goal was to create two posters that not only capture attention but also provoke thought on surveillance's role in our lives, all through the lens of experimental typography.
Sole Designer
Poster Pair
Oct 6, 2021
Nov 18, 2021
My design taps into the silent narrative of surveillance, using bold typography to open a dialogue on the presence of unseen watchers in our digital era.

I loved making this project! It was the perfect way to wrap up the class and semester. I learned so many techniques and methods that were incredibly valuable. The final project had a grungy vibe, but it was also thoughtfully layered with meaning. While it does have a message, viewers can interpret it in their own way.

My biggest challenge was learning to push beyond 100%, as my professor emphasized. This approach helped me improve my skills in printing, tiling, and embracing randomness in my work. The iterative process of reaching the final series was the true project. Now, I ask myself how to break past normality and create interest and tension in all my future projects.

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