The Balloonfest Festival
Poster Set
Project Brief
Design a poster that captures the heart of a specific Michigan event, from cultural celebrations to natural wonders. While the emphasis is on clarity and creativity, you're encouraged to think beyond traditional formats and approaches. Dive into Michigan's diverse offerings and distill its essence into your visual representation. Evaluation will be based on coherence, innovation, and the ability to resonate with the chosen event's spirit.
My goal for the Balloonfest poster design was to do more than just show pictures of balloons. I wanted to really get the feel of the event, especially how cool it is to see those hot air balloons light up against the sunset. By using a series of tall posters, I tried to capture that special vertical vibe of balloons rising. I hoped to give folks a sense they were right there, watching the sun go down and the balloons light up.
Sole Designer
Poster Set
Nov 13, 2022
Dec 12, 2022
Three interconnected posters for Howell's Balloonfest, each capturing a unique sunset moment, together highlighting the event's special charm.

The toughest part of this project was nailing down a solid idea and then making sure it hit the mark with my audience. Sketching really helped me play around with concepts and fine-tune them. I went with these tall posters because they gave that sense of looking up at a balloon festival, plus they had extra room for all the key details.

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