Branding the Mechanical Keyboard Community
3D Motion Video
Project Brief
Craft a 15-20 second animation for a brand, product, event, or campaign, blending compelling visuals and sound. Focus on integrating 3D (Blender) and 2D (After Effects/DaVinci) elements, emphasizing strong branding, typography, and visual metaphors. Use shapes and graphics to enhance your message, considering the impact of their arrangement and motion.
I aim to give a community I'm passionate about (custom mechanical keyboards) a face. Because the community doesn't have a primary brand or any official identifiable marks, I began by analyzing what makes the community visually identifiable and what design notes people part of the field appreciate.
Sole Designer
3D Motion Video
Oct 16, 2023
Nov 9, 2023
Explore how I gave a faceless community a brand voice through pacing, story, color, and voice.


Initial research was focused on identifying what were characterizing traits of the community.

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